Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What to do when there is no school?


Yesterday and today were parent/teacher conference days at school. The Dad and I were at school for the fantastic reports on the Big Bit and the Middle Bit. We earned a fair chunk of Klicks biking to and fro.

Today, the AQI was pretty high and when asked what they wanted to do, they all wanted to head to Fundazzle, this massive indoor playground. After Fundazzle, we went shopping for the remainder of the Halloween costumes. They did quite a bit of walking, playing and laughing. It was a great way to spend a poor AQI day and earn Klicks!
The girls' favorite part of Fundazzle is the massive ball pit. The building once housed an Olympic (and possibly for the Olympics?) swimming and diving pool. The swimming pool area now houses a massive jungle gym. The diving pool is a ball pit. No kidding. The girls LOVE it! I cringe a little because we do living in the world of split pants (the babies don't wear diapers, their pants have a split so the bum is exposed and the kids just, um, 'take care of business' where ever they feel the need. again, no kidding.). But the girls love it. I disinfect them when we come home.

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