Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blessings beyond Blessings

Years ago, I read a book titled "Mountains Beyond Mountains." It was the autobiographical account of a doctor working in Haiti. One of the local expressions about going through tough times is that you can only see mountains beyond mountains. The doctor never thought of his time in Haiti as problem after problem, only conquerable challenge after conquerable challenge to help his patients.

Sometimes I feel like we are traveling through mountains beyond mountains. But then something will happen to remind me that we are traveling through blessings beyond blessings.

The weather has been poor. The girls are very busy. The AQI has been very high. We are not able to get in our klicks. And yet...

Oma let us know last night that Chrissy's Garden has received a $1000 grant!

Blessings beyond Blessings!

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