Sunday, October 20, 2013

Good Air and Away we go!

We had a Bowling Birthday party for one of the girls' friends today. It was such a fun idea!

Middle Bit was moving too fast for the camera as usual.

A quick stop at the tailor to have some clothes made. It seems that some grown-ups in this family will have a night out on the town requiring Black Tie apparel. We are having a tux and a formal gown made... I've designed the gown myself based on a few pictures I liked so I'm excited to see how it turns out.

After the tailor, we headed down the road on bikes to 'The Fruit Lady." She used to have a stand on the side of the road, now she has a proper shop. I heard she had the best pumpkins and from what I've seen, I heard correctly. The Dad and the Bits selected the 4 largest pumpkins...

Did I mention we were biking? The Dad hauled these suckers home. Whew! I must say, they came out rather well. And yes, the girls did quite a bit of the "tracing" and cutting. Especially Bit Bit. She did that lovely heart all by herself!

Little Bit's
Big Bits

Middle Bit's
The Dad's

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