Saturday, October 26, 2013

Left, Left, Left, Right, Left

What a fantastic morning! Middle Bit and Big Bit's Girl Scout troops participated in the Big Hike. All the Girl Scout troops from around Beijing gathered to hike together. The hostess troop put together a scavenger hunt with so many fun things. This is the Big Bit's troop "walking across the wooden bridge like a family of ducks." Ha!
When the hike was announced, I was a little concerned because we would be visiting the Huanghuacheng portion of the Great Wall. This is the portion of The Wall we visited our first time to The Wall and it was a whopper. Very steep hills, a difficult trail leading to the wall and none of the surrounding area looked much better. We were told we wouldn't be hiking ON the wall but I still harbored some doubt and concern.

Thank goodness I didn't express my concerns too loudly because the hike was perfect! A flat-ish, paved path around the lake near the wall. There were trails heading off the lake path for the older Girl Scouts to explore but the younger troops had a nice, even pathway. The Little Bit's Daisy troop did just part of the path then turned around; Big Bit's Brownie troop made it all the way around.

It was such a perfect day!

I keep saying I have new favorite seasons in Beijing. October is moving up in my heart! The leaves are changing, the weather is crisp and sunny (when the AQI is low). I could get used to this!

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