Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tough days for chrissy

As we sit in Beijing celebrating 600+ kilometers, Chrissy is in the hospital back home. She began moaning and grinding her teeth (her ways of communicating that she is in pain) so Oma and Nonno took her in. She has a urinary tract infection along with other issues.

She is on antibiotics and the doctors are working on helping her get back home.

One of the amazing things about Participation House is the care they provide. Chrissy has had a staff member from her home present around the clock.  The house staff know Chrissy, they know her medical history and personality. They are able to communicate with the hospital staff; they record every comminication or treatment so they can communicate with Oma and Nonno. What a blessing.

Please keep the family in your prayers: Healing for Chrissy, strength and fortitude for Oma and Nonno, wisdom for the hospital staff and gratitude for the PH staff.

Participation House Support Services - London & Area

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