Friday, September 20, 2013

Such a beautiful day!

I am so very, very proud of Big Bit and Middle Bit! The weather was perfect today: low AQI, sunny, not cool, not warm, just right.

We rode bikes down to another compound to play at their playground. The big girls rode all the way there, played and rode home. They then rode all around the compound neighborhood visiting friends.

Somehow, I didn't get any pictures of the fun playground but did snap a shot over my shoulder as we rode down the road (the purple is Little Bit's helmet). My trail of children!

Later in the day, I got in a 5k run. I did intervals and tried to keep my turnover high even during my slower sections. I hit the best 5k time I've had in a while. Still not my best, and still pretty slow. But I was moving faster than I have in a while!

Total today? a Whoppin' 36 kilometers!

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