Friday, September 27, 2013

Terry Fox Lives Here

Years ago, a young man decided to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. His story is pretty interesting.... average student, average athlete that worked so very hard to become good. Diagnosed with cancer, lost one leg, came back to run almost 10,000 km on one leg between training and his fundraising run. Only to succumb to cancer in the middle of his fund raising run... Terry Fox.

The girls' school has been participating in the Terry Fox run for 20 years. To celebrate, Terry Fox's sister Judith Fox, visited the school. There was a parent event one night I couldn't attend, but I did make it to the assembly where she spoke to the kids. It was short, but very sweet.

Her main point was Terry Fox's motto: Keep at it until you get it right.

Judith Fox is known as "the guardian of her brother's legacy." She was so young when he died, maybe 18 or so. I wonder about how she feels, 30+ years later, to have this be her life. Not in a negative way, just that I wonder if it is hard for her, or if it brings comfort... I wish I could have heard her speak Tuesday night. I heard it was amazing.

The girls both participated in the run (all three!). They each also donated their allowance to the Terry Fox fund. I'm so proud of them for working so hard to prepare for the run and for donating their allowance (that's their ice cream money... not taken lightly!).

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