Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fantastic way to earn Klicks!

We visited Longqingxia or the Longqing Gorge today. It was beautiful. We walked, rode a dragon escalator, rode boats, climbed, walked more, toured a strange cave decorated to show the seasons and regions of China and rode a giant toboggan style slide with no safety measures. A true China Style day.

The majority of our walking was done going up stairs. Ok, maybe not the majority of our walking but a great bit of our time anyway! We were attempting to reach the Illusion Temple. We made it about half way and then little legs sat down refusing to go up another step. I can't really blame them, it was a long way up.

The scenery today was amazing the the girls were troopers. The Dad, aka Tool Man, aka Shutter Bug, took some beautiful pictures. These two best show where we were walking. It's so hard to capture just how deep this gorge is. Maybe the little Chinese heads in the first picture give some perspective?

We had to estimate the distance as I forgot to start my "Map My Run" ap. Sorry about that. We were with another couple, both Canadians, who estimated we walked about 8km. They are both experienced in land nav, so they may be right. But Brian and I didn't think we walked that much; so we are guessing 5km. Multiply that by 5... not a bad day for klick earning.

All tallied, 29.5km today, all walking!

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