Thursday, August 22, 2013

Exciting update!

It's another cloudy, smoggy day in the Jing. But we managed 13.5klicks today!

This whole "Klicks for Chrissy" idea came about after a strategic planning meeting with Chrissy over the summer. A fantastic PH worker sat with Chrissy and her family to set dreams and goals for the year. The girls and I were fortunate enough to participate in the last portion of the planning session. It was fascinating to watch this woman work with Chrissy and read her responses. The PH worker incorporated our verbal input and Chrissy's subtle cues. I was impressed with how well she included Chrissy in the conversation and made the planning session about what Chrissy wants, not what we all thought Chrissy wants.

One of Chrissy's dreams is to be on the London Tour of Gardens. Broken down into time specific and achievable goals... build the sidewalk.

Another dream and goal is to stay more connected to her nieces (the girls) and her brother

And one more dream? To go swimming.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to get this note from Mom/Oma:

A short report re: Chrissy's swimming experience. The Y was recently renovated and they did well; larger change rooms with change tables and ceiling lifts. The therapeutic pool itself is warmer and has a ceiling lift for getting in and out of the water. The smile on Chrissy'e face was unbelievable, I have not seen that smile since before her kidney stones. It lasted the whole 45 minutes she was in the water and beyond. At on point I held her upright and her legs were down. I told her we could actually measure how tall she is when she is in the water. She was very relaxed and we are planning to go on Mondays for the time being. A rewarding experience.

I am so very excited for Chrissy and for Mom/Oma. They have wanted to get this done for Chrissy for as long as I can remember. I can imagine Chrissy's radiant and beautiful smile in the pool!!

I wish I were closer to give everyone a giant hug in celebration. 

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