Monday, August 12, 2013

Catching Up, Posting Klicks

It has been a whirl-wind few weeks. This is my catch-up post.

We've walked, biked, run and swam some clicks in the last few weeks. One thing I am finding interesting is that our 5 doing 5000 goal is becoming part of our daily discussion. I am impressed with how attentive to this goal, this idea of doing something for Chrissy, the girls are.

So, to catch up:

Walking to work every day for 3 weeks: 22.5
Running: 11
Biking to and from school: 10

an Olympic distance triathlon (whoot!): 51.5KM
I finally was able to go run! Clear head and sweaty: 4.5km
To and from and to and from and to and from ... the bus stop: 4km

Again with the to and from and from and to... : 12km

Add them together and...

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