Sunday, November 3, 2013

Paola, my pretty pal

Dad, aka Mr. Fix-It, earned some serious points this weekend by spending time with my other love...

This is Paola, my pretty bike . My slick and speedy friend. I have not had her out of her traveling case since we arrived in Beijing and I have missed my friend, Paola.

This weekend, Mr. Fix-It helped me get her put back together and set up on a borrowed bike trainer. Please note, by "helped me" I mean "did it for me while I held things." I can do many things but for some reason, putting bikes together is not my forte. 

My beautiful bike sits right next to my beautiful air purifier. I can ride whenever I please! I do not have a working bike computer so I will be estimating speed.  When I was riding consistently, I averaged 30km/hour. I don't think I'm close to that fitness level right now so I'm going to estimate 24km/hour when I ride.

In fact, I think I'll go have some girl time with Paola today....

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