Saturday, November 30, 2013

20 songs, 40 people, 1 bus and 4 stops

The air has been fantastic. We were "in the deep freeze" for a few days but are now having a warm up and the weather is perfect. We're earning lots of Klicks!

Last night, The Dad and I earned a Klick or two in an oh-so-fun pub crawl and caroling. I've never been on a pub crawl, no time like your late 30's to start, I suppose!

The rules were that you had to either dress as Santa or an angel; we chose Santa. 4 bars, a bus and 20 songs.

It was a bit interesting with a bus full of middle-age Santas who had all been up since 6am or so and all had to be up at 6am or so the next morning (well, at least those of us with little alarm clocks that buzz "Mommy!" at 6am). Everyone had a great time and about 1/2 the group was home by midnight. We made it home by 12:30-ish. Not too bad for a couple of parents!

A very amusing discovery... in the 3rd pub-stop we had mulled wine in a library/pub. Great idea, if you ask me! Looking at the books, we couldn't help but laugh. Check out the titles and sing (if you remember Sesame Street) "one of these things is not like the other, which one doesn't belong..."

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