Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Klicks in the Garden

We have had a proper winter down here in Houston and haven't been able to plant anything in our new, big, lovely yard until well, today. It was still below freezing over night just a few days ago.

Now, I know all your northerners find 32F a moderate temperature. But for our lovely Canna or happy cone flowers, 32F is cold!

Middle-bit was home from school today but was feeling up to a little shopping in the morning. We spent a fantastic morning walking around the garden center near our house. We picked up lots of supplies and $0.99 plants.

I think she may have inherited all the various gardening genes. Middle-bit so enjoyed walking through the plants, asking questions and learning everything she could. She was quick to understand what we need for our yard.

By the time we got home, she was pretty worn out and rested while I cleaned beds and started the planting. But we chatted and had a wonderful day together.

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