Monday, March 24, 2014

Boot-Scootin' Klicks

We are settled in our new home in Houston and back to earning those Klicks!

The two big girls are in school just around the corner from our house. It is a .5km walk from our house to the school so we are slowly but surely adding up.

Yes, this is the girls, in Houston, in winter coats. It has been a crazy cold winter and spring. In fact, it's March 24 and the high today is 53F. That is COLD for Houston! When I lived here before, I only owned 2 pair of closed toe shoes. I lived in flip-flops year 'round and rarely wore a sweater, much less a coat. This year we've been in coats and hats more often than flip-flops. It's nice but we're ready for some sun.

Ha, says the woman not in Ontario socked in with snow, snow and more snow this year.

Our shipments arrived quickly so we have our bikes back. Now all we need is some non-rainy days.

Our other hold back is that the girls and I have been ill. We have been to at least 2 doctor's appointments each week, have all been on one or two or even three rounds of antibiotics... we need some sun and some health.The girls are very aware that we are behind our goal of 500km each month but are determined to finish by May 31.

May 31 is quickly approaching. Two months and 2500km to go? Can we make it?!

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