Monday, August 11, 2014

4500 Klicks and $9000 in funds!

Our not-so-little fund, is up to $9000!! There have been generous donations from wonderful friends and family. Hard working efforts by Oma and Nonno including a recent garage sale at Wistow to bring in more funds...

This sidewalk is going in!

And we are up to 4500km. These last 500 Klicks have been amazing and fun. We earned these last 500km on our vacation to England. From London, ON to London, England. Walked the whole way! Ok, no, but we walked a lot around England.

This is the Big Bit after a 9 hour plane, 1 hour bus and 2 hour train ride:

And the Middle Bit as soon as she could sit down and hold the nephew-bit aka the Little Colonel.

I was able to go on a few runs while we visited my brother and his family. I can run so much farther and faster in England. Is it the cooler climate or the promise of scones and clotted cream at the end of the run??

Now THAT's the way to earn some Klicks! Middle-Bit is in the background tending to the Little Colonel.

The girls made some interesting phone calls on our ramblings about.

And the Big Bit learned a big bit about some big rocks.

The Little Bit acted every bit the royal.

While I snuggled The Little Colonel every chance I could!

The Big Bit made some friends with floating men.

And a two headed monster was spotted.

The Big Bit got in a bit o' trouble...

But found her way to the Eye in spite of the spear!

We straddled East and West in Greenwich...

And made it back to Home Sweet Home. 500km to go...

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